• EtherCAT in 2 minutes – as international as ETG itself

    With the video series “EtherCAT in 2 minutes” the ETG has launched a format some time ago, in which the most important features and specialties of the EtherCAT technology are explained to interested people in the form of short explanatory videos, in simple words and very briefly.
  • Successful EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week in Japan

    With the recently concluded EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week in Japan, the EtherCAT Technology Group brings this year’s series of developer events in online format to a close.
  • Semiconductor working group of ETG celebrates tenth anniversary

    Recently the 20th meeting of the semiconductor working group of the ETG, the so-called TWG Semi, took place. At the digital meeting, however, not only work was done, but, as an exception to the rule, also celebrations were held, as it was already ten years ago that the working group was launched at an official kick-off meeting.