• Scheugenpflug AG, Germany: Integrated control and CNC solution for car heater manufacturing

    In the compact dispensing machine from Scheugenpflug, TwinCAT CNC ensures high-precision metering and application of dispensing materials.
  • Gefasoft, Germany: XTS enables parallel inspection processes for maximum throughput with a minimized footprint

    Gefasoft has developed an exceptionally compact installation for the optical inspection of diffusors for car airbags via eleven camera stations requiring varying inspection times. Through highly flexible parts transport enabled by the eXtended Transport System, Gefasoft was able to run individual inspection processes in parallel and optimize the product output.
  • LIGO, USA: Measurement of gravitational waves validates theories about the universe as conceived by Albert Einstein

    Gravitational waves recently recorded for the first time by the twin LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitation Wave Observatory) detectors based in Hanford and Livingston, confirmed the existence of gravitational waves as predicted by Einstein. PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology is used for servo-based laser control at the end stations of the interferometer arms, a.o.
  • Seebühne Bregenz, Austria: Advanced stage control technology produces magical moments

    From July to August each year, the Seebühne stage on Lake Constance hosts spectacular opera performances. For Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Turandot” stage designer Marco Arturo Marelli designed a 72-meter-long “Chinese Wall” to be erected as a backdrop on the lake.
  • Shyre Ltd., Great Britain: Innovative coating process revolutionizes the market for photochromic lenses

    With the coating machine developed by British company Shyre Ltd., photochromic lenses can be made to order at one-tenth the cost of conventionally produced lenses.
  • GTS Automation, Austria: Flexible building automation system enhances leasing opportunities

    With 37 floors and a height of 137 meters, the “Sky Tower” has been a major feature of Bucharest’s skyline since 2012 as part of the Floresca City Center complex. An intelligent and flexible building infrastructure ensures that the tenants’ wishes regarding comfort, energy efficiency and space flexibility, are fully satisfied.
  • Nantong Guoquan Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing, China: PC-based CNC controller breathes new life into traditional wood joining technique

    The mortise and tenon wood joining technique used in traditional furniture making is a complex procedure. The machine developed by Nantong Guoquan enables the automatic manufacturing of mortise and tenon joints that also differ in shape, size and execution.
  • Wico de Coprel, Turkey: PC-based control ensures reliable communication between all subsystems and Scada control system

    The “Marmaray” commuter rail line that links the Asian part of Istanbul with the European part, has 42 stations. Beckhoff Embedded PCs are used for controlling numerous technical building systems, including drainage/waste water, HVAC, lighting systems, and others.
  • Envac Optibag, Sweden: CX2040 Embedded PC automates recycling processes

    To avoid the environmental impact of multiple truck trips to collect household waste from separate bins for different materials, Envac Optibag has developed a solution that is as simple as it is intelligent: The waste is presorted into color-coded plastic bags, which are deposited in the same container and hauled off. Then the bags are sorted by color with a fully automated, camera-based system and routed to the appropriate recycling facility.