• EtherCAT P with a wide range of IP 67 I/O options

    EtherCAT P can be used for local logging of all I/O signals of a machine or plant with a high degree of flexibility and minimum wiring effort. At the same time the cabling and installation costs at the field level are reduced.
  • Trade Shows and Events 2016

    SMM Hamburg

    Open, flexible, modular: the automation toolkit for the shipbuilding industry from Beckhoff

    AMB Stuttgart

    IoT and Industrie 4.0 for the metal working industry

    FachPack Nuremberg

    PC-based control optimizes your packaging machine

    WindEnergy Hamburg

    Discover the advantages of Wind 4.0

    Motek Stuttgart

    Simple, open, standardized: Industrie 4.0 for assembly and handling technology

    K Düsseldorf

    Advantages quadrupled for plastics machines

    Euroblech Hanover

    State-of-the-art control technology for sheet metal processing