• Herrmann, Germany

    Herrmann, Germany: Revitalization of building automation system in Frankfurt’s Eurotheum high-rise building

    PC-based building automation from Beckhoff is characterized by its system openness, reliability, ease of use and long-term product availability. In the revitalization of the Eurotheum high-rise building in Frankfurt, Germany, Plüderhausen-based system integrator Herrmann GmbH & Co. KG, benefited from these features in several ways. Having implemented the building’s original automation platform and the smoke extraction system in 2000, the system integrator was able to upgrade it substantially in 2018 with minimal effort in terms of time and technology.
  • LORC and R&D Test Systems, Denmark

    LORC and R&D Test Systems, Denmark: Wind turbine test bench simulates 25 years of service life in only six months

    Denmark is setting a new standard for wind turbine testing technology. The Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC) is capable of testing the nacelle of a wind turbine for all possible wind and torsion loads it will be subjected to during its service life of more than 25 years. The automation technology for the control of the test bench was supplied by Beckhoff.
  • Technical Development Corporation (TDC), Netherlands

    Technical Development Corporation (TDC), Netherlands: XTS maximizes flexibility in packaging processes

    Faced with growing consumer demand for personalized products, increasingly frequent changes in legal requirements and ever shorter product life cycles, manufacturers today are looking for production methods that will give them the greatest possible flexibility. For that purpose, Dutch engineering company TDC has developed Doysis-M, a flexible, modular machine platform based on the eXtended Transport System (XTS) from Beckhoff and designed to address dynamic market challenges like these.
  • PC-based control increases efficiency in production logistics

    Nobilia and Horstkemper, Germany: PC-based control increases efficiency in production logistics up to 15 percent

    In 2017, Nobilia, Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer, based in Verl, Germany, delivered an astounding 675,000 individually assembled kitchens. The company’s intelligent, highly efficient production logistics and consistent transparency in parts and production data make this possible. PC-based control from Beckhoff provides the optimum basis to achieve these goals, as shown by the newly automated parts transport system from Horstkemper with traverse conveyor vehicles and roller conveyors in production plant II.
  • PC-based control increases throughput in additive manufacturing

    PostProcess Technologies, USA: PC-based control increases throughput in additive manufacturing

    The post-processing of 3D printed parts is time-consuming and costly. In order to remove this bottleneck in the production process, PostProcess Technologies has developed a series of machines that leverage a groundbreaking chemistry of detergents and abrasive media. The newest example is the Hybrid DECI Duo. The multi-functional machine provides automated removal of support material and surface finishing. It was automated with control technology from Beckhoff.