• XPlanar

    XPlanar: Maximum positioning flexibility with six degrees of freedom

    With planar movers that float freely positionable over floors of planar tiles that can be arranged in any kind of pattern, the ground-breaking XPlanar system from Beckhoff offers boundless potential for streamlining production machine and plant design. In this interview, Uwe Prüßmeier, Senior Product Manager Drive Technology, discusses the unique value proposition of a system that can position movers precisely, dynamically and with exceptional flexibility.
  • CX7000 Embedded PC

    CX7000 Embedded PC: The new entry-level class with 400 MHz processor and integrated multi-functional I/Os

    The CX7000 Embedded PC opens up the convenience and efficiency of the TwinCAT 3 software environment to compact controllers. This further enhances the scalability of PC-based control technology from Beckhoff – ranging from mini-PLCs to many-core Industrial PCs. An advanced 400 MHz processor and built-in configurable I/Os mean the Embedded PC delivers an optimum price/performance ratio.
  • C6032

    C6032: high-performance and modular ultra-compact Industrial PC

    The C6032 Industrial PC with dimensions of only 129 x 133 x 104 mm extends the range of ultra-compact Industrial PCs by a high-performance modular device. For this purpose, the C6032 adds a further circuit board level to the C6030 single-board Industrial PC to accommodate modular interface and functional extensions.
  • Connectors for One Cable Automation now available in size B40

    Connectors for One Cable Automation now available in size B40

    The connector families ENP and ECP, which were developed for One Cable Automation (OCA) solutions with elevated power requirements, combine EtherCAT or EtherCAT P with additional power cores in the cable. The range of previously available sizes, B12 to B36, has recently been expanded with the B40 connectors (16 mm² wire cross-section).
  • CX5230/CX5240

    CX5230/CX5240: compact and modular Embedded PC series with the latest Intel® Atom™ processors

    The DIN-rail-mountable, fanless Embedded PCs in the CX5200 series are equipped with Intel® processors of the Atom™ X series. The series encompasses two devices that differ by processor type and RAM.
  • EL2634

    EL2634: relay outputs with extremely high switching capability

    The output terminal EL2634 is equipped with four relays, each of which has a single contact, and with potential-free contacts. The relay contact is suitable for use at up to 250 V AC or 30 V DC.
  • EL2596

    EL2596: flexible and highly precise LED strobe control for vision applications

    The LED driver terminals from the EL2596 series contain a flexible power supply unit that supplies the LED with the required voltage and current. The terminals support applications from constant lighting to short light pulses in the kHz range.
  • AM87xx

    AM87xx: anodised servomotors in Hygienic Design

    The anodised servomotors from the AM8700 series combine the advantages of the highly dynamic AM8000 standard servomotors with features to meet the requirements of the packaging and food industries. Like the AM8800 series motors, the AM8700 motors meet hygienic design requirements and are therefore suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • CU81xx

    CU81xx: New UPS series with communication capability

    With the new CU81xx UPS series, all Beckhoff components can be safeguarded. A special feature of the UPS series is its compatibility and ability to communicate with all existing Industrial, Panel and Embedded PCs.
  • Tubular motor

    Tubular motor: precise and dynamic linear movement without additional mechanical drive components

    The ironless tubular motor AA2518 is able to perform extremely smooth translatory movements (up to 600 mm), because no cogging occurs, and does not require further mechanical components for power transmission such as e.g. a spindle or gear rack.
  • XTS Extension expanded with Track Management functionality

    TwinCAT: XTS Extension expanded with Track Management functionality

    The TwinCAT library TC3 XTS Extension has been expanded with the Track Management software functionality for the eXtended Transport System (XTS). It enables the combination of a virtually unlimited number of tracks in varying length. In this way it is possible to move motor modules, i. e. track sub-sections between different XTS tracks by means of customer-specific mechanical devices. In addition, the switch between different tracks is possible without having to interrupt system operation.
  • AMP8620

    AMP8620: IP 65 supply module expands the AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system

    The AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system provides ideal support for the implementation of modular machine concepts. With the new AMP8620 supply module in a high protection rating, the entire system can now be relocated directly to the machine, i.e. through consistent decentralization, drive technology can be implemented entirely without control cabinets. That means maximum possible savings on material, space, costs and assembly work.
  • TwinCAT Scope meets OPC UA

    TwinCAT Scope meets OPC UA

    In the context of Industrie 4.0 and big data applications, machine data acquisition is becoming increasingly important. The information must be presented in a clear and efficient manner, and the machine control system also has to cover a wide range of other smart components. TwinCAT Scope software provides optimum support for such integrated data acquisition across heterogeneous system environments.